If Sammie got down on one knee and proposed to any woman after hitting play on his spankin’ new EP I’m Him (or any of his projects for that matter), it would be impossible for anyone to say no.

Sammie’s been at this for about 16 years and has always stayed true to R&B while consistently reflecting his love and respect for the ladies in his music. And it sounds so damn good every time he does it.

The main message of this project can be summed up on “Better” and the title track “I’m Him” as he makes it clear that there’s no comparing him to the last man because he’s confident that he’s better.

Right now I’m him is #6 on iTunes and still climbing. In an Instagram caption Sammie wrote, “A lot of people told me ‘Urban R&B’ didn’t matter. Y’all are proving ‘THEY’ wrong.” Whoever is spreading these lies should check those charts!

I’m Him is available on all digital formats. #TreatYoSelf and grab this one.

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