R&B’s yellow Power Ranger, Kehlani, is back with some more action on her new album. She’s been through some muddy water over the last year, but over the murkiness still bloomed a lotus in the form of SweetSexySavage.

Popular poet and womanist, Reyna Biddy, shared a few lines of her words to help introduce Kehlani’s three-pronged journey to SweetSexySavage and the similar complex journey so many women take throughout their individual lives.

The sweet component found in “Hold Me By The Heart,” “Escape” and “Piece of Mind,” which hints to the loved hit “As I Am” off her Cloud 19 mixtape that propelled her into the atmosphere, reflects the tender-hearted Kehlani that makes us love her so much.

The sexiness in “Distraction,” one of the project’s singles, and “Everything Is Yours” reminds us why we drool over her.

The savagery heard in “Do U Dirty,” “Too Much,” and another one of the album’s off-the-hook singles, “CRZY,” reminds us why we bang with her so hard.

The Oakland native knows what it takes to flip experiences and make something bomb out of it.  Leaning on the appreciation she holds for music icons who came before her always takes her to the right place.  One thing to admire about Kehlani is her love and respect for classic R&B and the way she weaves it into her own music as if to tip her hat to it. Her ace hitter and producer Jahaan Sweet threaded Aaliyah’s “Come Over” into SweetSexySavage‘s seventh track, “Personal.” The Picard Brother’s also aired an essence of Aaliyah’s “More Than A Woman” onto “Too Much” and producers Pop & Oak and Zaire Koalo helped to bring a new perspective to New Edition’s “If It Isn’t Love” on Kehlani’s “In My Feelings.” All of this created under a title reminiscent of TLC’s ’94 album CrazySexyCool.

With production credits that also include Charlie Heat, Danny Klein and Matt Campfield, Kehlani’s newest album takes familiar experiences and rests its head on a few classics to aid in telling the story of a woman who came to finally introduce herself as a SweetSexySavage.

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