Bridget Kelly dropped off a very nice surprise right as Grammy weekend kicked off a few days ago with the release of her new mixtape Time Flies.

The ten numbers on the mixtape are new to us, but old favorites among original unreleased and unheard records that she revisited to share with us.

When artists like Bridget Kelly are musically quiet for too long, a project full of love songs with with winds of rock and country influences is just the fix needed to hold you over. Halfway through the mixtape “Afterlife,” one of my personal favorites, plays on accompanied by the heavy sounds of electric guitar to help lift the soulful air of her voice.

“See I know what it means to be unseen
But through your eyes I see me as a queen
And if my destiny is royalty
The who better beside me than my king”

Time Flies is featureless and it’s unclear which producers were behind these solid records, but the sensational young artist Jordan Bratton can be heard on the background vocals of “Love You More.”

This unexpected surprise amps up the excitement for what else Bridget may have for us this year.

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