Up and coming singer Marcylis is set to “make a career off of reminiscing” after releasing two new singles “My Girl” and “Problems.”

The Cincinnati artist has had the hang of entertainment since he began acting in commercials at the age of three.

“I’ve just got a big personality, man.  I’m a man of many trades.  I studied theater in school as well.  I was a double major in theater and communications, but I’ve always been good at acting.  I love to perform and entertain when it comes to TV and film.”

Marcylis is the son of two professional singers who played 80s and 90s R&B music in their household.  It was then and there that he fell in love with music going on to be influenced by artists like Jagged Edge, Omarion, Jodeci, New Edition, Chris Brown and R. Kelly.

Today he’s focused on making music of his own for people to catch a good vibe to fueled by his love for the art.

“I like heartfelt music. Music that moves you—that makes you feel some type of way whether it’s good, it makes you want to party, it makes you want to turn up, have a good time, it makes you sad, it motivates you, it inspires you. Whatever that thing is that moves you, I like those type of songs—that you can make a connection with.”

Living in Atlanta, Marcylis has been clocking overtime in the studio working on his freshman album 820. Titled after his birthdate, 820 is a Trap & Soul timeline of his life. He’s taking us through every high and every low on his first album offering that features his new singles “My Girl” and “Problems.”

“I’ma make a career off of reminiscing.”


Marcylis fit the track with some bounce as he marked his territory on his self-written single “My Girl,” which he wrote in the seventh grade about his then girlfriend.

“I actually wrote this song—freestyled this song—when I was in seventh grade. A lot of people don’t know. I came home from like a basketball tournament. We have a studio in my parents’ house and I would go down there and play around. I came home, I went in the studio and I freestyled and I came up with this song.”

On his follow up release the up-and-coming singer showed up with solutions to make everything right on his R&B summer joint “Problems.”

Expect to hear and see a lot more from Marcylis because he’s ready to make sure everybody knows his name. Check out his new singles below.

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