There’s always room for personal growth regardless of how many days you’ve seen and on his new album Coming of Age Sammie shared his own story of approaching a new level.

Coming of Age was his canvas and with the help of a team of producers, which included The Doh Boh, Xeryus Gittens and Troy Taylor, a blank slate turned into a project painted heavy with vulnerability, honesty and a few strokes of bedroom bluntness.

Laying the red carpet out for the vibe of the 12 songs up next, the album’s title track is a plea for the woman he loves to give him another shot considering the changed man Sammie is. In love there’s always two sides and the R&B superhero made sure to still count in a woman’s POV on “Shoes” and “Expiration Date.”

“Every woman has a day when she gets tired of the games
And she gets tired of being played like she’s a toy
She finds the strength to up and leave
And she wakes up and finally sees
That you ain’t nothing like a king you’re just a boy”

Sammie brought a couple of his hitters along for this ride. Rick Ross dropped in for a feature on “Good Life” and Eric Bellinger came through to help Sammie talk that talk on the sexy track “Show and Tell.” In his recent music, the singer has been putting us up on game that he’s able to back up all that grown man talk and dove right skipping the foreplay on “Tsunami.”

Just off of Tank’s “Savage” Tour, his work as one of the self-proclaimed saviors of R&B never ceases. Sammie’s path is blazing and Coming of Age is a few more steps forward.

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