Ricardo Williams is saying out loud what a lot of us social media addicts have probably thought at some point on his new single “Personal.”

“I am an 80’s baby so the music I grew up on was all about story telling, but also had a bit of class to it and that’s what I wanted to do. Create something that says the things we all want and think, but communicate it in a clever way.”

“Personal” is a little switch up from his passionate 2016 single “Deeper” and speaks to the point of view of somebody who’s fallen for someone they only know on social media. It’s not enough for Ricardo and he’s ready to take things offline.

“I’ll double tap and light your heart up
Come ‘round and do it again you can call it karma
Baby believe I’ma take you all the way up
Ain’t no coming down we stay up
I don’t want to scroll through your page
I just want to see your face”

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