Srikala’s new single “Already Here” is a timeless message.

Donning the hats of producer, songwriter and artist, Srikala began creating the track while in Paris earlier this year when the first few words, “Everything you want is already here,” entered his mind. It was the message of not forcing his creativity to push something out and to instead let things come naturally that he continued to capture in this dope release.

“You ain’t gotta work hard baby let go
It’s already handled from the get go
Keep this memory central
Show up … Yeah … Let the vibe send you.”

Embraced with flutes, and featuring the voices of Tulsi Devi and Jesse Johnson sweetening the harmonies, “Already Here” is a daily reminder to just let things flow.

The Brooklyn-born artist is putting things in motion for his next album, but while we wait press play on what’s “Already Here.”

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